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  • HALOS - pink salt stove
  • HALOS is the Pink Salt Stove

    It heats the environment evenly and steadily, making it healthy; in fact, pink salt has the property of controlling humidity in the air, bringing benefits to body and mind. Halos can be made in any shape, size and power required by the customer.

  • HALOS is the Pink Salt Stove

    Its component Pink Salt bricks are heated by a low-power heating element that diffuses heat and salt into the air. It radiates heat, improves air quality, and creates a soft atmosphere with RGB LED light controlled via a remote control.

pink salt halos stove

Advanced heating technologies, pink salt heat capacity and attractive design

La PINK HALOS SALT STOVE is a truly unique product that combines the most modern heating technologies with the natural heat capacity of Himalayan Pink Salt. Based on this strategy, we have developed some stoves consisting of pink salt bricks, which combine in an absolutely innovative way a pleasant heat source attractive design and anhigh heating efficiency.


  • Ease of installation: all you need is a power outlet
  • Ease of use: LED light with adjustable brightness
  • Persistent heat: thermal release due to pink salt bricks
  • Reduced consumption expenses: due to efficient Himalayan salt thermal storage combined with innovative heating panel technology.

Easy to

The cost of installing a stove is about half that of traditional heating systems, to which is also added the lack of maintenance and additional costs. Installation is quick, as no infrastructure is required, no pipes need to be connected, let alone any masonry work. Our stoves can also be used as additional heating sources.


The heating system of the Halos Pink Salt Stove ensures even temperature distribution without creating heat pockets. In addition, with the innovative low-consumption heating system, it ensures greater control of air humidity, contributing to a pleasant and healthy room climate. Finally, direct radiation generates a pleasant feeling of warmth by better regulating the air temperature of the room.

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HALOS - The Pink Salt Stove

The pink salt stove allows you to get the right heat to your home but not only that. It is an environmentally friendly healthy heating and convenient because it allows you to have a better quality of air in your home at a low cost. Thanks to the RGB LED light controlled by remote control it creates a soft and pleasant atmosphere. A power outlet is sufficient so no exhaust pipes or air intakes. The air humidity reaches an optimal level, not dry and makes a pleasant healthy climate.

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