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Pink Salt Panel

Pure and authentic work of art

Framework made of a wooden frame and salt tiles with embedded pieces of pink salt. Backlit by RGB light for chromotherapy, controllable and customisable via remote control. 220v operation. Besides bringing an authentic work of art into your home or studio, the Himalayan salt painting dehumidifies and shields from electromagnetic waves.

Placed above the headboard, it becomes a real treatment against insomnia disorders.

Furnishing elements constructed with wood. Inside, the panel contains the electronic part composed of rgb strips leds powered by a controller unit.

Using a remote control, the salt panels are backlit to create a scenic effect. scenic effect. The use of a remote control enables colour management and automatic setting for lighting with chromotherapy.

Possibility of finishing by frame and customised dimensions of the customer's choice. customer's choice. Comes with power cable and 220v plug.

The properties of pink salt

Since time immemorial, man has known the positive power of salt and benefited from it for health and well-being through its purifying and neutralising effect. With the salt cabinet you will find these positive and beneficial characteristics in your home, combined with an elegant and refined design.

La IonisationThe air we breathe is charged with electricity and therefore rich in positive (+) and negative (-) ions. The perfect balance between them is the fruit of our well-being. For a large part of our lives we live in places where we are exposed to various environmental charges due to: household appliances, air conditioning, comuters, cigarette smoke and insufficient ventilation, which cause a large increase in positive ions in the air and thus imbalance.

To restore balance, we must enrich the air with negative ions, which are supplied by the crystals in an excellent and above all natural way. In fact, salt crystals, when stimulated by air, light and heat, are able to emit around 1,200 negative ions per cubic cm, leaving the environment in balance.

This process causes the air at home to become healthy and balanced, giving us the same sensations we experience in environments such as the mountains, the sea or near a waterfall.

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Pink Salt Paintings

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