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halos no glue xs

Heated surface: mq.40
2 Heating Panels
Operating regime: 14h/7days
Maximum expenditure: € 45.00/month

further technical specifications

Max. consumption: 0.926 Kw
Calorific value: 1872 Watt
Dimensions: 60x40x80
Weight: 85 kg

€ 2400.00

description halos no glue xs

This is the No Glue XS version of Halos which is characterised by the absence of glue between the bricks. It allows a room of 40 m2 to be heated thanks to 2 heating panels with very low current absorption. It has a maximum absorption of 0.92 kW with an operating regime of 14 hours a day, allowing a maximum expenditure of € 45.00 per month while maintaining the room temperature at around 21°. No Glue absorbs humidity in the environment thanks to the properties of pink Himalayan salt, making the air quality in the room where it is installed healthier. It is a stove that spreads mass heat, made of Himalayan pink salt bricks. The base is made of solid wood, and it is possible to choose the essence and the colour. The salt pillar has a 'glowing' luminous effect, but other colours and visual effects are available, controlled by remote control. Cost of transport and installation not included.