q picture 120X40 - Salt Stoves
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picture 120X40

Material: pink salt crystals
(wood finish)
Backlighting: RGB LED
Operation: 220 Volt / 10 A

further technical specifications

Remote control: Yes
Dimensions: 120×40
Weight: 60 kg

€ 444.4

description picture 120X40

Framework made of wooden frame and salt tiles with embedded pieces of pink salt. Backlit by rgb light for colour therapy, controllable and customisable via remote control. In addition to bringing an authentic work of art into your home or studio, the Himalayan salt painting releases negative ions into the air that serve to combat air pollution from electronic devices. Placed over the headboard of your bed, it becomes a true treatment against insomnia disorders. Inside the panel contains the electronic part consisting of rgb led strips, power supply, controller unit. Using a remote control, the pink salt panel is backlit to create a scenographic effect. The use of a controller enables colour management and automatic setting for lighting with colour therapy. Comes with power cord and 220 V / 10 A plug. Possibility of finishing with customised frame and dimensions. Possibility of inserting mirrors, glass, salt bricks and decorative elements.